As a part of our mission to build a broader community of digital citizens at ISP, we decided to use our 8th grade students as role models for digital citizenship.  Working within advisory time, groups of students were given a section of our Digital Citizenship Agreement (the main points are to the left)  to analyze and find a creative way to teach 5th graders about it.

During an advisory session in February, the 8th graders taught the 5th graders about aspects of digital citizenship.  Afterwards, I was able to sit down with a whole 5th grade class and debrief.  They found the session very informative and thought that it spurred on a lot of discussion, including further dialogue about expectations of middle school students.  This community building activity will be used as a model next year as well across different sections of the school

For pictures and more information, check out the IT Dept. @ International School of Prague facebook fan page or click here : 5/8 Digital Citizenship