The Extended Essay is a long paper that each IB student must write to graduate with the IB Diploma. The EE is supposed to be an exciting exploration by students of a topic of their choice. However, this was not always the case. Over the past 3 years, ISP IB Coordinator Karen Ercolino, various teachers, and myself have changed the way that we have students tackle the EE. This change has not only lead to a different perception of the EE by students, but has also increased student achievement over time.

Karen and I gave a presentation called “Putting the joy back into the Extended Essay” at the 2012 CEESA Conference in Warsaw, Poland. We had a full room of teachers and administrators interested in the way that ISP has students work on the EE. We received very positive feedback from people in the crowd and many wanted to start to implement some of the ways ISP does the EE into their own schools. For a copy of the presentation, please email me.